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Are you longing for a cosmetic solution to misaligned teeth? You don’t have to deal with tooth misalignment any longer. Wood Orthodontics proudly serves adults and children who are ready to improve their appearance with corrective braces. As a dedicated source for adult orthodontics in Anthem, AZ, we’ll provide you with judgment-free dentistry that puts you on a path to a more attractive smile.

Many patients feel that once they’ve reached adulthood, it’s too late to have their teeth properly aligned. However, with our adult braces, even our grown patients can reap the benefits of a corrected smile. Take advantage of our personalized orthodontic treatments to gain a straighter smile, comfortably and conveniently.

Correcting Various Issues with All Types of Braces for Adults

You deserve to feel confident not only in your smile and your overall appearance as a result. At our orthodontic practice, we’re committed to giving patients of all ages healthier mouths and greater self-confidence. When you require braces, you can count on our compassionate dental technicians to provide you with a solution that’s designed to suit your unique needs.

Our experienced orthodontist is committed to correcting a wide range of problems in addition to simply straightening your teeth. If you have gone all of your life with an improper bite, you may not realize what investing in adult orthodontics can do to better your ability to chew, speak, and smile. Some of the issues our children's and adult braces are designed to correct include:

  • Crowded Teeth
  • Deep Overbite
  • Erupting Teeth
  • Open Bite Where Your Front Teeth Don't Touch
  • Protruding Front Teeth
  • Under Bite

Reasons Patients Visit Our Practice for Braces

Our dedicated dental team strives to improve smiles, oral health, and our patients’ appearances as they see fit with all types of braces for adults. With clear treatment plans and an unending commitment to delivering compassionate, personalized service to every patient that steps through our doors, we’re more than prepared to handle your family’s orthodontic needs. Local patients and families know that no matter what their needs, they’ll always receive the following with each visit to our office:

  • Friendly Service
  • State of the Art Techniques
  • Carefully Designed Treatment Plans
  • Several Options for Braces
  • 3D Scanning Technology
  • Affordable Treatment Options
  • Appointments Available Five Days a Week
  • Complimentary Consultation
  • Stress-Free Appointments
  • A Comfortable Waiting Room
  • Parental Involvement in the Treatment Plan

Straighten Your Teeth with Adult Braces

Braces do more than simply straighten your teeth. Affixing them in a better alignment also helps them to function properly. Before your treatment, our orthodontists will take 3D scans of your bite to show you exactly what needs to be done to correct it. This way, we’re able to make it easy for you to visualize the changes we’ll be making. With our help, you’ll always know exactly where we are in your treatment plan.

Our dental team is here to answer any questions you may have about our adult braces and strive to offer the support you need through every step of your treatment. We’ll provide you with professional advice about how to best take care of your teeth and stay comfortable while doing so.

  • Open Bite, Where the Front Teeth Don't Touch
  • Crowding of the Teeth
  • Deep Overbite
  • Under Bite
  • Protruding Front Teeth
  • Tooth Alignment
  • Correcting Erupting Teeth

Book a Free Consultation Today for Children's Braces

Don't hesitate to book your free consultation with us concerning your orthodontic treatment or one for your family member. Our staff proudly treats both children and adults. Best of all, you can rest assured that our well-rounded specialists will never add-on or recommend unnecessary types of treatment. We aim to provide you with the exact services you need swiftly and effectively. Whatever your needs, our dental team is committed to making your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with our orthodontists and get one step closer to the smile you deserve. We proudly serve patients in Anthem, Tramonto, New River, Black Canyon City, North Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding get started with your braces treatment. Contact us to help with all of your orthodontic needs. We are proud to serve clients in Anthem, Tramonto, New River, Black Canyon City, North Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas.

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