Complete Your Braces Treatment with Retainers in Anthem, AZ

Braces are a smart investment for improving the health of your teeth and gums. At Wood Orthodontics, we know it can be a challenge adhering to treatment--which is why removing your braces is a time to celebrate! After finishing your braces treatment, a world of opportunities (and the tasty foods you had to abstain from) awaits you. Before enjoying your re-discovered freedom, we recommend protecting your picture-perfect smile with retainers. In Anthem, AZ, our orthodontics office offers a variety of retainer options to help you get the most from your treatment.

The Role of the Retainer

Your body is always changing. Your teeth, gums, and supporting tissue throughout your mouth are no different. Even if they’re called permanent teeth, they can shift and may even try to return to their original, crooked positions. Imagine all the work you put in to attain a perfect and healthy smile.

Without the proper support and care after the braces come off, all of that hard work can be undone. That’s where retainers come in. They keep teeth in position, ensuring the results of your braces treatment don’t go away.

Straight teeth lead to better dental habits, a healthy bite, and a mouth that is less susceptible to gum disease and germs. Ensure the results of your treatment stick and get retainers after having braces. Our orthodontic team will be your guide.

Treatments That Meet Your Needs

Your smile is unique. When the braces come off, we’re here to guide you on what comes next. Our practice facilitates a variety of treatments, which include different types of retainers in clear, metal, and permanent configurations. Some options include:
  • Fixed Retainers: Also known as a permanent retainer, this type of retainer is placed behind your teeth, where they will be virtually invisible. We may recommend this option depending on the circumstances of your treatment.

  • Removable Retainers: This is one of the most common avenues for post-braces treatment. You may wear removable retainers at specific times of day, as directed by the orthodontist. We will show you how to use them and take care of them.

  • Clear Retainers: Enjoy a confident look any time of day with clear retainers. These retainers are crafted with clear material and won’t get in the way of your everyday life. They are an option you may use for both removable and fixed retainers
Retainers are the final stage of braces treatment--and we’re committed to helping you get the best possible results. We’ll go over your options and guide you towards the treatment that best meets your needs. If your retainer becomes damaged or broken, we will also provide replacements.

At our practice, we believe in putting patients first. We are always honest in our recommendations and never tell you to wear a retainer when your teeth are permanently straightened. With us as your guide, your journey to a bright and beautiful smile is simple and hassle-free.
Contact us and arrange a consultation for a new retainer. We serve patients throughout Anthem, AZ, including Tramonto, New River, Black Canyon City, North Phoenix, and the surrounding area.preserve the integrity of your new smile with retainers fitted to your mouth. We are proud to serve clients in Anthem, Cave Creek, Norterra, Deer Valley, Tramonto, AZ, and the surrounding communities.
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