Metal Braces in Anthem

Make your teeth as beautiful, strong, and healthy as possible when you get metal braces from our orthodontist. Wood Orthodontics provides metal braces in Anthem, AZ to children and adults. We use braces to eliminate problems like overbites, cross bites, and uneven spacing between teeth. For many patients, the best course of treatment is taking the traditional route for braces. Trust us to be honest in our recommendations concerning the right type of orthodontia for your case.

Patients choose our office because we are available for appointments five days a week, maintain a stress-free environment, and make sure you are informed about your treatment plan at all times. Book your free consultation with our metal braces dentist today.

Benefits of Metal Braces for Young Adults

Accomplish your goal of straight teeth with traditional braces that are strong, budget-friendly, and require a relatively short treatment time. Patients may come to us for a brighter smile, but they leave with healthier teeth, better bite patterns, and improvements in overall oral health. Traditional braces have stood the test of time because of the advantages they provide to wearers. When you get metal braces, you will experience benefits like:

  • Durability and Strength Against Breaking
  • Tried-and-True Technology
  • Different Rubber Band Colors for Fashion Statements
  • Decreased Number of Appointments with the Orthodontist
  • Decreased Treatment Time
  • Being the Least Expensive of All Braces Options

Traditional Braces in Anthem, AZ

Traditional braces are an established orthodontic solution trusted by dental professionals and known for their dependable results. At Wood Orthodontics, our knowledgeable orthodontic staff will go over a number of questions to help you determine what straightening system can produce the results you desire. We then use latest technology, to deliver the the most effective straightening treatment and techniques for long-lasting results.

We highly recommend this effective and affordable type of braaces and are proud to offer it to our patients. Our commitment to the incorporation of innovation in orthodontia affords you the best treatment possible for yourself and your family members. Learn more about the payment options when you opt for our traditional metal braces.

Free Consultations for Traditional Braces

Book your free consultation today to get a 3D scan of your smile. Instead of taking impressions that are uncomfortable and not easy to do correctly, we get a clear picture of your teeth you can see. Our model creates a visual of the results you will get and gives you a timeline for the completion of your treatment. Get started today in achieving the smile you've always wanted!

Book an appointment with us today to get started with your new metal braces. Contact us today to schedule with our orthodontist. We are proud to serve clients in Anthem, Cave Creek, Norterra, Deer Valley, Tramonto, AZ, and the surrounding communities.

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